Bookmark advice!

So, I was recently inspired by some wicked cool bookmarks that Teens Read and Write sent me, and I really want to make my own. Here's my design so far, PLEASE tell me what you think! I'm debating changing out the "Your one stop blog..." for "Get your squeak on!" What do you think?



What thinkest thou? Opinions PLEASE!


  1. I like the colors and flowers, etc. Very nice!

    I do think the front is a bit wordy, so I think I'd opt for the "Get your squeak on!" option.

  2. Awesomely cute. I have made a blog bookmark too and it's not even close to as cool as yours!

  3. Love it! I do like the "Get your squeak on" because the other info is well said on the back. (And I'm getting in line for one!)

  4. I think that it is cute. Great job!


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