2nd Draft

Okay. Here's a second draft of the bookmarks featuring "Get your squeak on!"

Also, I realized that I made them 1/2 inch too wide, so they're a little smaller.

Which one did you like better?

2nd Draft FRONT

2nd Draft BACK


  1. Yay! I like this one a lot better. You get more message across very succinctly on the front, with extra info on the back.

    And did I mention I love the Shannon Hale quote? Cause I do. :)

  2. Both very pretty, but I'd go for the "Get your squeak on" because it sounds more original.

    Good job :D

  3. Yes, I like this one more too! It was a cool idea.

    What are you going to do with the bookmarks now? sent them out with your giveaways?

  4. I like this second version better, esp. the front.


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