Who wants to help celebrate my birthday?

Hey guys! I'm home (well, at my grandmother's actually) and recovering very well! No pain & no drugs. It's AWESOME! Thanks for all your well-wishes!
So, pretty soon my birthday is coming up, and I'd really like to do something BIG like I did when I first started blogging (Click here) only A LOT simpler, but with hopefully more prizes and giveaways.

I'm looking for other book bloggers who are willing to help! There are two basic things you could do:

1) Host a contest
  • This just means that you host a giveaway on your blog in association with the contest.
  • I'd LOVE it if you'd donate swag/books for a contest, but if you don't, that's fine. You can still host a contest, I'll just provide the prizes.
  • The more that people donate, the more contests we can have!
2) Swap guest posts.
  • Instead of just writing a guest post, I thought it would be cool to swap posts! Meaning I write one, and you write one, and then we post each others on our blogs.
  • Yes, I will provide the topic (unless you want to)
If there's anything else you can think of doing I'd LOVE to know! Please fill out the form below, and I'll contact the participating bloggers. The extravaganza will run August 22nd through September 22 (my birthday!). It's a great chance to earn followers and have a blast during the doldrums of the first weeks of school.

Thanks guys!

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  1. I'd love to swap guest posts, but do you have any suggestion on topics? Because my ability to come up with something semi-interesting without any prompt is, unfortunately, quite limited :(


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