All right. I'm going to answer your random questions now. Thanks to those who participated. It was a random post. I'll have a less-random book review up soon.

Q asked: How is a raven like a writing desk?
Ennalee answered: Both look like they've had ink spilled on them. :)

Heather asked: Why is Calculus awesome?
Ennalee answered: DON'T GET ME STARTED!!! Calculus can tell you everything and anything you want to know! Even if you aren't going into some mathematical or engineering profession, you should still know basic calculus. Name anything, ANYTHING in the world, and I'll tell you how it involves calculus.

Misty asked: Who's your favorite author?
Ennalee answered: This one's gonna be boring, sorry. It's still Shannon Hale. Hasn't changed. While I've read other good books, none have touched me like hers has.

Anonymous asked: What's your favorite book of all time?
Ennalee answered: Hm... My standard answer to this question is Enna Burning and Book of a Thousand Days by Shannon Hale. And those are still my favorites. If I HAD to pick between the two, I'd probably pick EB (for obvious reasons).

Debbie asked: When you write (and I know you write) what genre do you find yourself drawn to?
Ennalee answered: Eepers! Yes. I do write, but VERY sporadically. When I write I tend towards YA fantasy. But out of all the stuff I've written, the only stuff I've actually LIKED (after going back and reading it again) was my adult fiction. Weird, eh?

Thanks guys! This was fun.


  1. How does sequencing DNA involve calculus?

  2. lol - those were some random questions! I have two Shannon Hale books waiting on my shelf that I STILL haven't gotten around to reading... you may be the nudge I needed!


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