Pictures ain't worth nothin'

Okay. So I will answer your questions later, but first I have to say this.

Imagine my ABSOLUTE JOY when I went to the mailbox and discovered this:


Except mine was WAY cooler than this because it came in shiny green packaging (That I'm NEVER going to throw away) has a nifty "Advanced Reader's Copy" thing in the corner, is signed by the author, and the cover ROCKS MY SOCKS OFF! That picture above is NOT right. Not even a little. I hope the hardcover doesn't look like that, because (while I did think it was gorgeous BEFORE) I'm totally addicted to what the cover looks like in person.


Isn't that the most FANTABULOUS thing you've EVER seen? Oh. My. Word. As you can see, the cover is NOT grey at all! It's a fabulous pure white that sparkles like the rainbow when the light hits it!

Now all I have to do is read it... Tee hee.


  1. LOL! That's a nice video and I saw how rainbow colours appeared when the light hit the book cover. Pretty! :) Enjoy your book!

  2. Oh! I can't wait to read your review! I've been curious about this one.


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