Monthly Author Spotlight?

Hey guys! Question: what do you think of a monthly author spotlight? An "Author of the Month" if you will. This would include an interview with the author, a giveaway of one of their books, and maybe some extra cool stuff.

I'd probably choose newer authors, or let you guys vote on who it should be.

What thinkest thou?


  1. I think it sounds awesome, fun idea XD

  2. That sounds fun!

  3. I like older authors and new authors. How about authors that haven't put anything out in awhile. Carrie Jones "Need" "Captivate" nothing else yet. I heard rumor of something in the beginning of next year, but if so she needs to start talking it up. I can't think of any other older authors, but maybe some of the upcoming sequels we're dying for, Beautiful Creatures, Torment, Darkest Mercy, Iron Daughter, Iron Queen. Anyway, I love author interviews. I'd definitely read them.


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