THE Lost Saint Cover vs. MY Lost Saint Cover

So... they weren't able to take me for sugery today. I got up at 3:30, arrived there at 5 AM, and just sat there for 3 hours. Then they final told me that they'd forgotten me and sent me home. *sigh* Well, at least I ave happy news to share with you guys:

I want to thank you all sososososo much for voting for The Lost Saint cover mock-up that I posted about earlier. Guess what! I won! Guess what else! I won twice. There were two winners, one that got the popular vote, and one that Bree chose as "Most like the actual cover." I didn't think I stood a chance at the popular vote, y'all proved me wrong! Even if you guys didn't vote for me('cause I didn't tell you which one was mine), I'm still really grateful to those of you who voted. Anyway, here's the cover I made.

Those are ACTUALLY my arms. Tee hee. Here's the original picture.

In hindsight, I REALLY should have used a BLACK background instead of blue. But it all worked out.

Here's the ACTUAL cover, as revealed by Bree today.

Legs! Again! Honestly, I have no idea what the legs have to do with these books, but I still think they're so pretty. I LOVE the blue! I found it very interesting that NO ONE made a mock-up cover with legs. Tee hee. I'm really glad that no one did, because they probably would have won. And I just don't have the self-esteem to take a picture of my legs and paste it online.

What thinkest thou?


Heh. I turned mine blue just for fun:


  1. Your cover's really cool! I like how you used you arms haha :)
    Your cover really should be the cover for the 3rd Dark Divine book! You should contact the author!!!-That'd be awesome!

  2. I totally think your cover is BETTER than the actual! It's a stronger line extension of the book theme (why do legs when it's the same exact look? Does New Moon have an APPLE on the cover? Uh, no.)

    Great job, ya winner!

  3. I actually voted for yours!! I loved it!:) I love the blue in the actual cover. So pretty.

  4. Fantastic that you won! I voted for your cover, ya know. What is with the leg stuff anyway?

    Bummer that you didn't get your surgery over with! Next week???


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