In My Mailbox: Who died and made me queen of everything?! (11)

Tada! Another Vlog! I like making these. This one isn't as good, 'cause I had to cut it down to match the song. Sorry if some of the signs go too fast or too slow. My computer was rebelling and kept being too jittery for me to edit as accurately as I wanted. Hope you like it!

Featured Schtuff:
Sapphique, by Catherine Fisher
Bruiser, by Neal Shusterman
The Replacement, by Brenna Yovanoff
Dark Divine SWAG!
Jenna Fox, Pour Toujours (Jenna Fox, for always), by Mary E. Pearson


  1. Awesome vlog and great books! I too love Neal Shusterman's books, even though I've only read maybe three of his books. Sapphique and The Replacement sounds awesome. Hope you enjoy all the books (and the swag). ^_^

  2. I love the vlog, very cute! I hope you recycled all the paper you used!

  3. HOLY CATS. HOLY CATS. You are way too cool. Can we still be friends? Please?

  4. Orchid, I haven't read ALL his books. But I love those I have read.

    Kirthi, OF COURSE! That would be such a waste of paper if I didn't.

    Brandi, WOAH! You got some sweet stuff! I'm excited to read THE IRON DAUGHTER.

    Q, uh, duh we can still be friends. I'm running low on author-stalking friends, and I would never turn someone as awesome as you away.

  5. I love your vlog, it's so cute! I'm glad you got some pretty awesome stuff this week. Here's my IMM in case you want to check it out.

  6. I had fun watching your vlog! Thanks for sharing your bookish delights. Nice cover re-do.

  7. What a nice trip to the mailbox today! And very nicely done vlog :)

  8. AWESOME! Mary Pearson is one of the super nicest people ever. She was at WIFYR last month as a keynote speaker, and she was just so awesome. Did you know she's writing a Jenna Fox sequel? Awesome.

  9. WHAT?!? Oh. That actually makes me really sad. I LOVED the ending to Jenna Fox. I don't want to know more. It's all nice and neat and perfect.

  10. Loved the vlog!! How original! I hope your surgery goes well. Thanks for sharing IMM!!


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