In My Mailbox Special Edition! Out for Recovery (10)

Hola peoples. Quick update, I'm gonna be out for surgery tomorrow morning (At 5am UGH!) and I have to stay there for nearly two days. So... I didn't schedule any posts, because I'm cool like that. You probably wouldn't even notice I was gone for a whole day & a half-- I've been gone for a lot longer before-- but I'm telling you anyway. Because sometimes I like telling you guys personal things. Makes my blog feel more homey.

(You're thinking: Yeah. 'cause talking about surgery is real homey.)

It's nothing big. They're just worried about reactions to the pain meds, hence the overnight stay. I'm not allowed any technology (Living without my iPhone may kill me) but I am allowed books. So I'm thinking of this as an enforced read-a-thon. I bought some sweet books to bring! Which takes me into the IMM part of this post!

I decided to do my first vlog, with no talking. Just book showing. Tee hee.

And here's for all you non vlog-watchers.


The Not So Great Depression by Amy Goldman Koss
The Wager by Donna Jo Napoli
Wereling by Steve Feasey
Perchance to Dream by Lisa Mantchev
The Queen's Daughter by Susan Coventry
Passing Strange by Daniel Waters (Click Here to join the tour!)
Speak & Fever 1793 by Laurie Halse Anderson
The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness
Epitaph Road by David Patneaude



  1. Yuck, so sorry you have to go clear through the whole surgery thing just to enjoy the great list of books. I liked your vlog, it was funny and cute even while keeping your sectret identity hidden. LOL I hope you do more.

  2. Have fun enjoying your books - hope all goes will with the surgery tomorrow, you will be in my thoughts!

  3. I'm wondering about this "girl with the long dark hair, beautiful arms, amazing list of books, and totally awesome creativity." Fun vlog! Here's wishing you happy reading and a speedy recovery.

  4. INGRID MICHAELSON!!!! (She's only my favorite singer ever)

    Awesome vlog- I hope you continue with them! I've been contemplating vlogging, but we shall see...Good luck with your surgery tomorrow- my fingers are crossed for you!

  5. I hope you are feeling better.

  6. Bleh for surgeries, yay for books! And your hair has gotten crazy long, girl!

  7. YAY loved the vblog especially the non-talking and the music! You must have had a great time at the book store.

    I hope you have even more fun with your (enforced) read-a-thon :) good luck


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