400th post! And call to action!

Yup. This is my 400th post. That's some crazy-stuff right there.

Anyway, a call to action!

I recently created a mock-up cover for Bree Despain's upcoming sequel to The Dark Divine titled The Lost Saint which is due to hit shelves in December.

There's now voting going on for the best cover here.

Please go and vote, guys. I don't feel right telling you which one is mine, you should just vote for the one you think is best.

And remember, you still have 3 days to win a copy of The Dark Divine. I'll give people a second entry into that contest if they tweet about the contest. Just be sure you include @Enna_Isilee so I can see it!

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  1. Okay, CONGRATULATIONS on winning the cover contest!!! Your cover is completely amazing. In my humble opinion, it should be the actual book cover. It's amazing!! Congratulations. I'm telling everyone I know how proud I am of you!


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