Button, Button! Who's got the button?

Ha! Such a clever post title.

Anyway. I've decided that I'm going to collect blog buttons. I have a space for them off to the side (See under "Bloggin' Buds") and I want some! If you have one, please leave a comment with the direct link to the image, as well as the link to your blog. And I'll stick it in there!

Meanwhile, I made two buttons of my own. Which do you prefer?


Option B: Swirls

Opinions please?


  1. I like the one with the flowers, it's cute! I want to have a buttons option in my sidebar too but I can't make it work with WordPress. I do have an icon over here though: http://chachic.files.wordpress.com/2010/04/booknookicon.jpg Can that be considered a button?

  2. I like the swirls the best.

    And can you please tell me how you made your button because I can't work it out.


  3. I made my button in photoshop. I'm happy to make people one if they want me to. It's fun. :)

  4. I think I prefer the flower one -- it stands out more in the smaller form. :)

  5. Oh thanks. I can do the photoshop thing I just can't work out how to turn in into a link, is that on photoshop as well? You can do mine if you want though?!

  6. They're both cute, but I like the flowers one best. I've been meaning to make myself a blog button for ages, but haven't gotten around to it :)

  7. Turn it into a link? Like turn the image into a URL or make it a clickable image? I have the HTML in my sidebar if you want to copy and alter it.

  8. I see, I think. I'll try to make a button and send it on to you so save me a place :) Thanks

  9. I like the flower one better, I think. I would almost like the swirls, but the flowers seem more balanced.

    For those of you wondering about how to do it:

    The image and the link are separate. You'll make an image just like always.

    Then you have to upload the image onto your site (usually there is an image uploader). Once you do that, you should get a link to the image file.

    Example: http://yourblogurl.com/button.JPG.

    To make it so it appears on a widget, you'll have to do html code like so (and just trust me on this):

    < a href="http://yourblogurl.com" >< img src="http://yourblogurl.com/button.JPG >< /a>

    You'll have to put in the correct URLs, of course.

    Also, you must take out the spaces around the < and > signs, though. I inserted them so you could see the code.

    And that's your badge, linked to your website.

    If that confused you, I'm sorry.

  10. Done it, I have a button on my blog now and I have put yours up as well. Thanks for the inspiration:)

  11. Definitely the swirls!
    I really need to make a button...

  12. I vote flowers.

    And I have two buttons... not that I ever use them.


    And obviously, linked to http://wordforteens.com - but you know how to link. =)

  13. Definitely flowers... I like how they match your blog.

  14. Both are so lovely, I can't pick! I'll go with the swirly one:D

  15. thanks for grabbing my button and again thanks for being my inspiration!!!


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