...answer me this!

Well, the final vote came down to 7 people liking the flowers the best, and 3 liking the swirls. So we're gonna go flowers. I've already got it all set up in the sidebar. Copy and paste. Yee-haw!

But there was another reason for this post, one that I really want your guys' input on.

Does it bug you when people post more than once in a day?

It used to bug me. It used to bug me a lot. But that was before things like google Reader came about. I've always hesitated to post more than once a day. I have done it occasionally (I did it just now to illustrate my point), but not regularly.

Is there any reason for my hesitance? Do you guys like more than one post a day? It seems like everyone is doing it... not that that's a reason for me to do it if people hate it.



  1. It doesn't annoy me, exactly; however, I do tend to skip one of the posts, in this case. Not because I dislike double-posting, but because I'm strapped for time.

  2. Your button is so cute! In regards to your question, I really don't care how often people post. If it's interesting, I'll read it and if it's not... I'll just skip it! The timing doesn't matter so much to me.


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