The Gardener-- S.A. Bodeen

Release Date: May 25, 2010 TODAY!!
Pages: 240
Genre: Sci-fi

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Review: I haven't included a summary. You are welcome to read one, but be aware that whatever summary you read will tell you everything there is to know about this book. It really made me mad. Even the back of the book gave everything away!

This isn't usually a problem, but it was with this book. Why? IT'S FAR TOO SHORT! This easily could have turned into a series. Easily. Instead, the author included a 2 page epilogue that wrapped everything up in a very annoying way. I wanted more conflict!It took me less than 3 hours to read. I wanted more! More! The premise is so good!

Plus, there's more of that annoying "instantaneous love" in this book. The book only spans a couple of days, and yet by the end two of the characters are "soul mates." That can work if those two days had been full of getting-to-know-you action adventure, but they weren't. There were small moments of action, then LARGE moments of talking.

One thing I really liked about this book was that YOU have to decide who is good and who is evil. The book only kind of tells you what to think, but mostly it's up to you to choose. That was nice.

Maybe it's because I had such high hopes for this book, but The Gardener definitely fell off it's pedestal. I still think it's worth reading (hence the 3.5 rating), but it's not the epic sci-fi you think it should be. Certainly eerie and thought-provoking, but not epic.

The Gardener is most certainly unique story, but there's just not enough energy to capture the reluctant reader. The mystery was revealed in slow and prolonged ways, and the spastic action sequences and ending just fell a bit short of captivating.


  1. Oh...I get annoyed by that 'instant love' thing too. Um..I'm definitly juggling whether or not I should read it.

  2. Good review --- especially the part where you said no summary given because it would tell too much. I adored this book but what you said such as the instant soulmates and the down-pat epilogue rings true. Thanks!

  3. It did? That makes me sad, I had such high hopes for this book! Thanks for your honesty. :)


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