Pastworld-- Ian Beck

Release Date: October 27, 2009
Pages: 355
Genre: Historical, Sci-Fi

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What if all of London were really an amusement park—a whole city returned to Victorian times to entertain visitors from the twenty-first century? That's the wildly original premise of Ian Beck's Pastworld, a high-stakes mystery set in a simulated past.

Eve is a lifelong resident of Pastworld who doesn’t know she’s living in a theme park until a mysterious threat forces her to leave home. Caleb is a visiting tourist who finds the lawlessness of the past thrilling—until he suddenly becomes a fugitive from an antiquated justice system. And in the midst of it all, in the thick London fog a dark and deadly figure prowls, claiming victim after victim. He’s the Fantom, a creature both of the past and of the present, in whose dark purpose Caleb and Eve will find their destinies combined.
Review: If you like Running Out of Time or The Truman Show then you'll probably like this.

I don't have much to say about this book. It took me a MONTH to read. Because, while the premise is really interesting, it's a slow read. I reads kind of like film noir. Flashing from character to character while to try to solve this "mystery" of the Fantom.

I'm not unhappy that I read it. I still enjoyed the book, I just wish it had been a little less confusing and a little more cohesive.

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