Giveaway Supplement-- Win Forest Born!

All right! My UK book supplier just got Forest Born into their systems! So I'm adding it into the giveaway, but in a slightly different way. This giveaway is SEPARATE from the previous one. For this one, you much refer a friend to Squeaky Books. Can you refer more than one? Sure! As many as you like/can! (remember, as soon as we reach 200 followers, we'll have another giveaway!)

The person you refer must become a follower. I'm sorry about that, but it's the only way I can track referrals. Just have whoever you referred fill out this form, and BOTH of you will be entered into the drawing for FB. If I get more than 20 referrals, I'll give away 2 copies!

If you don't want a copy of Forest Born and would instead rather have one of the other Hale books, that's totally fine too. Also, you can enter this giveaway and the Finals Celebration giveaway and win both times.

Sound good? I hope so! This giveaway will end May 9th 11:59pm! Maybe you could win it for your mom?



  1. Oh, this is SO exciting! I've never seen the Forest Born UK cover before! I hope a friend of mine will follow you. ^_^


    P.S. Thanks for following my blog! :D

  2. Hi! i- just fill out the form, but dont know if its international?

  3. I am doing international this time. :)


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