And thus I escaped April fools day without being fooled once! Muahahaha!

Did you? Care to share pranks you suffered or caused people to suffer?


  1. My little brother put a "kick me" sign on my dad's back. My dad pretended that he wore it at work all day to make my brother happy. He pretended that people were kicking him all day. It was funny!


  2. My host sister woke me up at 7:30AM , said my dog ran outside. I didn't know what day it was so I raced downstairs, panicking only to find my dog lounging nicely on the couch :(

  3. I stuck a sticky note saying April Fools on the censors on the bottom of my dads mouse and when he turned it over because it was not working he found the sign.

    I felt such the rebel!

  4. There's no fool like an old fool. I qualify whether it's April Fool's Day or not!


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