Are all books created equal?

You may have noticed that I haven't posted a book review for quite a while. Well, that's partially because I've been WAY too busy to read, and partially because the book I'm reading is very slow. The story isn't bad, it's just not super-gripping.

Which brings me to today's topic: what does it take to make you put down a book? You guys already know that I won't read a book if it has extreme profanity or vivid sexual scenes, but I try really hard not to put a book down if I'm just bored with it. That book deserves a chance too, right?

I went to a conference a while ago where the speaker said, "If you don't like a book, stop reading it!" but I don't think we should develop into a nation of quitters! At the same time, I don't want people to hate reading because they don't like what they're reading.

So? What does it take to make you put down a book?


  1. Honestly if a story is just not doing it for me after about 100 pages - I tend to put it down, though recently that's been less of an issue than writing style, some writers, I have tried to read recently there style is just not for me, so alas I put it down.

    If I am board, with so much going on, I usually dont finish or I push myself to try to get past board - when I have the time to read I want it to be used wisely I guess - though I hear you about quitting, though I usually put it back on the shelf to read another day - unless its really bad in the writing department.

  2. Yeah, I'm the same way. If after about the first hundred pages (usually fewer) I'm not really getting into the story, I put the book down and start something else. If it's not grabbing my attention, then I probably won't put as much energy into it as I would a book I'm really interested in.

  3. I usually try super hard not to quit. But if it's so bad that I fall asleep after six pages than I put it down.

  4. If the book is making me avoid reading, I don't finish it.

    I don't view it as quitting at all--because my overall goal is to read LOTS of books and pages, and if I'm stuck on one book, then that's drawing my further away from my goal. Not reading it anymore allows me to start over and pick up a good book that I actually like to read and so will finish quicker.

  5. 1. No, not all books are created equal. After judging a book award, I know this with certainty. :)

    2. There are two things that make a book "good" to a person. First, Quality Of Writing (is it well crafted? clear? properly edited? etc.). Second, Emotional Response (if I LOVE horses, I will read even a crummy book about horses and love it! If character X reminds me too much of my recent ex-bf, I put the book down even though it's fantastically written. etc.)

    3. I stop reading a book when I feel like it. Usually, if the book is well written (good Quality of Writing) I come back another time when my Emotional Response is better (when I'm more "in the mood" for it). If the book is poorly written (plot holes, flat characters, etc) I usually don't bother picking it up again. There are SO MANY good (well written) books out there.

    4. Abandoning a book does not make a person a quitter. It is good and right and proper and needful that we select carefully what we read and use our time on this earth wisely.

  6. apparently i didn't say enough here. cuz i just posted the extended on my blog.

  7. The same things as you. Anything I strongly disagree with, questionable morals of the main characters, super-boring plot... I usually try to give boring books a chance, but if I still can't get through it after a week or so, I'll quit. I'd rather read something I would enjoy.

  8. If I've been at it over a week and I'm not even halfway through it, it gets put down. I don't think it's quitting to stop reading a book. With all of the books out there, why waste your time on one that isn't compelling and it's holding your interest? I used to be crazy OCD about finishing books but not any more. I'd get eaten by my TBR pile if I did that. There's a reason why agents can tell if they like a book from the first few pages. Most other people can too. There's nothing wrong with putting it down. Think of it like you're opening up an opportunity to read a better book.

  9. I have to REALLY hate a book to not finish it. I hate not finishing a book. I suppose I am a big believer in redemption and always hope somehow a bad book will redeem itself.

    However, boring books are okay to read before I go to bed, because then I actually DO fall asleep easily.

    And I need lots of sleep these days!


  10. I've only really, truly ever quitted 2 books in my life. 1)Harry Potter Book 1 and 2)The Beautiful Dead
    Usually if I don't like a book, I'll just put it back on my tbr pile and wait a month or two. And then pick it up again. Or I'll read it real slowly.

  11. Graphic and excessive anything (i.e. sexuality, violence, cussing, hamsters...)

    Immaturity, too.

  12. I usually put down a book after going through half the book (if it's bought) or until I'm really bored/frustrated if it's a library book!
    It's interesting reading all the comments.

    You have an award @ :)


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