Appreciation Time

I just want to take a minute to express my appreciation for my hometown library.

I LOVE my hometown library. I started volunteering there when I was 15, twice a week. Nine months later they hired me. I worked there until I moved away. There's honestly not a better place to work. Everyone is friendly, you're right up to date with the latest books, and you get to see people from all around the community.

Now, even though I haven't worked there for quite a while, I still feel this wonderful feeling every time I walk in. Those ladies are all waiting with a smile. If I have a book request, they get it right away and are sure to hold it for me.

Today, I went out of my way to pick up one of those requested books, 'cause I really wanted to read it. But, WOE OF WOES their computer system was down! But the lovely children's librarian just let me take the book! She just wrote my name down and said go ahead.

If you haven't had the chance lately, be sure to thank your local library and librarian.


  1. You betcha, a library is a special place manned by knowledgeable helpful folks. They deserve a little appreciation!

  2. The library was where my reading obsession all started, it was a great idea to show your appreciation :D

  3. Librarians rock! And so do you, ya little Dewey Decimal Diva!


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