It's here

There it is. The evil box come to take my computer away. And so, I must bid you a hesitant adieu. I shall have minimal access to the computers of others but don't count on regular posting (not that I've been posting regularly since finals started).

But! Joyous news! I have something else to keep my mind occupied! I've decided to quilt! Random, right? But check out my fabric! Pay most attention to the orange one, as it is my base fabric. Looks very similar to my layout. No?

Well... Goodbye-ish. At least for 10-13 days


  1. Boo...well at least you'll have more free time in which to read!

  2. CUTE little evil box :D
    I've always loved quilts, but I've never made my own. The sewing machine doesn't agree with me :)
    I love the fabric you chose! It DOES match your layout! Have fun!

    Happy Holidays

  3. Happy reading and happy quilting!

  4. Books and quiliting - my two loves! Make sure you show us the finished product!


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