Guest Bloggers Wanted!

Hey guys! As I mentioned in my last post this whole next week is DUN DUN DUN! FINALS WEEK! Ah! And as soon as finals week is over, I've gotta send my laptop in to get the keys fixed (I just type and click too much. I couldn't handle it).

All of this adds up into a lack of computer, posting, and reading time. Which is NO BUENO!

But, I don't want to just have Squeaky in limbo for that long. It will get lonely! So I'm looking for guest bloggers. Not a ton, just a few.

If you're interested, please leave a comment and tell me what you'd like to guest blog about. For examples you can click here to see the 5 guest posts I've had in the past. But you can write about anything really. So long as it somehow ties in to something bookish. I will be screening the posts before I schedule them.

Thanks mucho!


  1. I would love to guest blog again, but I can't think of anything to write about.

  2. I totally forgot I guest blogged for you before. It was a little unnerving seeing something I'd totally forgotten I'd written.

    If you need an extra guest blogger I'd be willing to do it, but if you have others that would like the opportunity then by all means allow them to go first.

    I have no idea what I'd blog about, though...

  3. Ooh ooh ooh. Can I guest blog? Can I write about book snobs? People who only see the value in a particular kind of book and disregard all other books as worthless?

  4. i'll guest post for you. give me more details as it would be my first time. like, when is it due?
    vvb32 at

  5. Hello,I would like to become a contributor for your website, please accept me and I will do my best to write for your website. I can write life stories and articles on situations happened to me and to my friends.

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