And So It Begins & In My Mailbox (8)

Wahoo! I took my last final today (got an 84%, which is great, considering I honestly thought I was going to fail that test) which means I am free until January 4th! WAHOO!!!!

And, I talked with Dell today, and they'll be sending me a box in which to ship my computer to them for repairs in just two days! That means I will have a ton of time to read! I've already started! Here's my TBR pile next to my read pile:

All right, so I've got plenty of progress to make, but I'm working on it! Here's a closer look at my TBR pile:

Sorry the pictures aren't top-quality. I just took them with my phone.

And here's my IMM for this week. I would like to preface this by saing that I absolutely ADORE Bloomsbury! Seriously. They've been my favorite publisher for a while, but only recently have I been included in their "here are the ARCs we have" e-mail list! I LOVE IT! THANK YOU BLOOMSBURY!!!!

Wereling, by Steve Feasey
The Returners, by Gemma Malley (I've liked her previous books)
Split, by Stefan Petrucha

Oh yeah. This Christmas break is going to be epic.

Oh, and if you said you were willing to write a guest post. Thanks mucho! Just e-mail them to me whenever you can. Write about anything, just remember to be nice, and I will  be screening them.

I know that if I really want results, I would give you guys deadlines. But... I don't want to force you to do something you don't want to do. So, just have fun with it!


  1. Congratulations on finishing your exams. Hope you enjoy your reading time. Looking forward to all your reviews.

  2. congrats!!
    Tell me if Fire is any good - Graceling was!

  3. Congratulations on finishing out the semester well! I know you are excited about all the free time you have now. Enjoy!


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