**Splendor-- Anna Godbersen

Release Date: April 1, 2007
Pages: 464
Genre: Period Drama
Series: Luxe series. Luxe Review, Rumors Review, Envy Review

New beginnings.
Shocking revelations.
Unexpected endings.
A spring turns into summer, Elizabeth relishes her new role as a young wife, while her sister, Diana, searches for adventure abroad. But when a surprising clue about their father's death comes to light, the Holland girls wonder at what cost a life of splendor comes.
Carolina Broad, society's newest darling, fans a flame from her past, oblivious to how it might burn her future. Penelope Schoonmaker is finally Manhattan royalty—but when a real prince visits the city, she covets a title that comes with a crown. Her husband, Henry, bravely went to war, only to discover that his father's rule extends well beyond New York's shores and that fighting for love may prove a losing battle.
In the dramatic conclusion to the bestselling Luxe series, New York's most dazzling socialites chase dreams, cling to promises, and tempt fate. As society watches what will become of the city's oldest families and newest fortunes, one question remains:
Will its stars fade away or will they shine ever brighter?

What can I say about this series that I haven't already said? I love this series. It's totally not my kind of book. After all, it's basically a train-wreck of a soap opera in novel form, but I still love it. You can read my other reviews (linked above) to get my perspective on the whole series.

What's my perspective after reading this book? The same. I still consider these my "closet" books, meaning I don't readily admit how much I love these books. I wasn't entirely satisfied in the way Godbersen wrapped up the series, it certainly wasn't a pure "fairy-tale" ending. But I don't really read these books for plot content. They are purely escapist for me, and so the whole world could randomly blow up, and I would probably still give it 5 stars. ;)

I know that doesn't make much sense. But c'est vrai. Perhaps other lovers of this series can explain it better. It's a very easy series to hate because of it's vapid and shallow nature, but I still love it. Crazy.

~Enna Isilee


  1. I love this series too. Splendour isn't out yet in the UK but I can't wait to read it. I was really hoping for the happiest ending possible - what can I say? I'm an idealist. Great review.

  2. I've been following the author's book for a while, and I thought they looked really good =)
    Love the covers.
    I really don't like historical fiction, but I might give this a try.

  3. This is the final book? That's sad! Oh how I hate Penelope, that evil foul lady.
    The cover is really pretty, who do you think the girl on the cover is supposed to be?
    I agree, it IS a train-wreck of a soap opera in novel form. And I hate it an love it at the same time, but sadly I can't put it in words :D I hope someone else can, though.

  4. I haven't read this series yet, but I'll add it to my list. Thanks for the review.

  5. Kirthi, I believe that it is Lina on the cover, since she is described in that dress frequently.

    Earwen, these aren't really historical fiction, they're Period drama. You aren't going to learn much history from this book. ;)

  6. Great Review!:)
    I really want to read this series.



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