A new rating system/review template

All right, after reading many review blogs, and determining which I like about all of them, I am finally instigating a rating system and a review template.

From now on, at the beginning of a review, you will see this:

Release Date:



Then you will see some "flower power" though this will change if ever my blog layout does:

1- Didn't like it
2- It was okay

3- Decent read, enjoyed it

4- Very good, recommended

5- Amazing!

Of course, there is still the possibility that a book will get 5 "flowers" but not receive a "Squeaky" label.

Summary: (Link to summary or my own summary)

And after summary will be my review. I thought about having something like The Story Siren, where I review individual plot points such as age appropriateness, profanity, plot, character development, etc., but I'll mention all those things in my review, so I don't think that's a must.

What'd'ya think? Does it compare?


  1. I like how you're going to use the flowers instead of the stars, and I think it's a great review template!

  2. I like the organization. And the flowers are fun. Good luck with it.


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