How can a word
so rarely used
describe so much
in my world?

I'm writing an 8 page paper, and therefore feel very grizzled at the moment. And apparently poetic. Isn't it a fantastic word, though?


  1. Grizzled is such an icky word! lol It makes me think of all the beef I had to clean when I was a caterer... taking gristle off the meat. The words are similar and that is all think of when I read grizzle! :p

  2. I think you, my friend, are just procrastinating.

  3. Well... I'm 4 pages in. But... I have been working on it for some 7 odd hours...

  4. grizzle, drizzle, sizzle

    Good luck on your paper!

  5. I love that word! You should write a book called know, Grizzly Bear is the new werewolf....

  6. grizzled sounds like an angry grizzly bear. :D
    Good luck with your paper.


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