Unfinished Friday (1)

All right, now I read a ton of books that I don't ever finish for various reasons, and I never review them on this blog. But that's not fair! Maybe you guys want to read them, or want a warning not to read them. Either way, I'm going to start posting about books I didn't finish. I won't go into a ton of detail, but here are some:

Paper Towns, John Green

Not finished due to language. I was really sad. This book had such potential, and was beautifully written, but the characters swore too much for my taste.

Dream Hunter, Elizabeth Knox
This author is trying WAY to hard to a) create a whole new world and immerse you in it in the first 10 pages, and b) create an atmosphere of mystery.

It was as if the author was dangling a carrot in front of your face. That may work for a donkey, who eventually think's he'll reach the carrot. But I'm not a donkey. The author needed to give a little, not just keep baiting me on.

Wake, Lisa McMann
Only read the first few pages of this book due to extreme profanity. I don't recommend it.

Chalice, Robin McKinley
Not finished due to the fact that McKinley often gives WAY too much depth to her stories. When I'm in the right mood I love to immerse myself in the worlds of her creation, but not today. Today I just found myself horribly confused after the first 30 pages. Having NO idea what was going on AT ALL.

Some of these I read a long time ago, but others I just tried to read a few days ago. So... there you go. Maybe some of you like these, so know that I'm not trying to be mean to these books, I just didn't like them.
~Enna Isilee


  1. I would encourage you to finish Chalice some day, when you've energy to figure out a somewhat confusing world. It's a very good book.

  2. I wanted to read Wake, but I have heard it had horrible language, so I'll have to skip it.:( It sounds like a very interesting story, if only they don't have to swear so much!

  3. Good for you for standing up for your reader's right not to finish a book! I always end up feeling guilty somehow...

    Thanks for the warning on Wake. I hadn't heard that yet.

  4. That's too bad about Chalice. I thought it was lovely.

  5. Interesting post. I appreciate the reasoning behind your choice.

  6. I had to read Wake for Cybils last year, and I really didn't like it, so you didn't miss out on anything there, heh.

  7. I completely agree with you on Wake -- I ended up throwing it across the room :) And I managed to finish Paper Towns, but I didn't really like it either for the reasons you stated and more.

  8. I've read Paper Towns and it's amazing, and I'll give the other books a try. thanks!


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