Thank you! & It's Blogroll time again!!!

Thank you for all of your kind words on my new layout. I'm glad y'all like it! If you notice any bugs, feel free to let me know.

It's time to reload my blogroll! I just went through and added a TON of blogs, but I want more more more!! This time, I don't just want you to give me your URL, I'd love it if you gave me the URLs of other cool book blogs. I wanna stay connected!

Thanks mucho!

~Enna Isilee


  1. I am going to recommmend...
    Book Rat

    From Elie (Ellz Readz)
    (in case you need another one)

  2. Ooh, please add these:

    A Bookshelf Monstrosity-

    The Zen Leaf-


  3. I would love to trade links with you. You're on my blogroll,

    I also would say you should add Chelsea at The Page Flipper as she's amazing :

  4. You probably already follow her, but The Literate Housewife ( is a fantastic book blog, and she tends to read a little bit of everything.

    And please add me to your new blog roll:

  5. I've added you to my blogroll! My blog is Book Crumbs ( I'd love it if you'd add me!

    Btw, this isn't really a bug I noticed, but "reviewer" is spelled wrong on your profile :)

  6. All right. All added. Keep 'em coming!

    And Priya, thank you SO much. How embarrassing!

  7. Love the layout. It's so perky. Not a bad perky-a very good perky. :)

  8. Love the new layout! It's SASSY!

  9. See "Writers/Publishing People" blogroll on my blog.

    'nough said.

  10. I was wondering if we could do a link exchange?

    I already added you to my blogroll.

    My blog is at

    Thanks! :D

  11. You could add me!

  12. hey, nice blog! Could you please explain what a blogroll is? It sounds fun, and I want to make one myself.
    oh yea, and please add my blog!

  13. A blogroll is a big list of blogs. It's what I have in my sidebar entitled "Bookish Blogs."

    I'll add you!

  14. Whoops! You're actually already on my blogroll!



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