Wings-- Aprilynne Pike

Aprilynne Pike's WINGS is the first of four books about an ordinary girl named Laurel who discovers she is a faerie sent among humans to guard the gateway to Avalon. When Laurel is thrust into the midst of a centuries-old battle between faeries and trolls, she's torn between a human and a faerie love, as well as her loyalties to both worlds.

Good things about this book:

Light, easy story

Fun concept

New views
However, all of these things have a flipside:

Not-so-good things about this book:

The author tries to COMPLETELY re-write faerie lore. It would be okay if she tried to create a new species of faerie, but not completely recreate faeries.

The love interests were… confusing. You weren’t sure who you were rooting for, or who the main character was rooting for.

It’s a bit juvenile. So… don’t go looking for anything too deep.

I’ll keep an eye out for the sequels, but I probably won’t buy them.

~Enna Isilee

Dos bientôt!

I'm leaving for a bit, my mom surprised me with a little trip. She's taking me on a cruise! Wahoo! It was supposed to be a cruise to Mexico, but because of swine flu, it's now a cruise to nowhere. That's fine with me. Plenty of time to read. :)

See you in a week!

~Enna Isilee

**Forest Born-- Shannon Hale

If you love the world of Bayern, then you’ll happily sink into this latest installment.

This book rings the Books of Bayern pure and true. There’s action, adventure, romance, growth. Everything you could want, there is. I realize this is a horribly pathetic review when compared to my review of The Actor and the Housewife, but this book is FULL of spoilers (honestly, there will probably times when you’re reading this that you will gasp aloud) and I don’t want to give anything away. I stayed up until nearly 1 in the morning reading this. Definitely a Squeaky Book

If there’s something you want to know that’s non-spoiler related, feel free to ask in the comments.

~Enna Isilee

Have I died? Just about

All right, so I should probably update my blog, eh? Psh. It's only been three weeks. No big deal.

Well, May is a BUSY month! I had a cast party to plan, family gatherings to go to, and now I'm working two jobs! And... sadly... I'm not reading very much. I've got my huge slush pile, and I'm makin' my way through it. I've read Forest Born(review soon!) and I'm just about done with Wings, after that I'm gonna read some Maria V. Snyder and then Jessica Day George. All while earning enough money to pay my rent. *sigh* Ah the life of an independent young woman.

Hope you haven't all disappeared along with me! I'd miss you!

~Enna Isilee
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