Best. Play. Ever!!!

Yesterday was our opening night for The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940. It's the BEST PLAY EVER! People were laughing so hard they were crying! I love my cast! I love my crew (which consists of me and one other person)! Hooray for small productions that totally dominate!!

If you're in the area you will NOT regret coming to this, and it's totally family friendly! But we only have two more nights. Which makes me sad.

*happy sigh* Complete strangers were coming up to me after this and saying, "You directed this? Wow."

This is what I needed in my life. :)

~Enna Isilee


  1. *is happy for you*
    I SO wish I could see it!!

  2. Congratulations! I wish I could see it too.

  3. I wish I could go too. I even have $2 bucks. :)

  4. Totally. Awesome. Play. Really, really well done!


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