Way to ruin my mojo, ya geniuses.

All right, all right. You guys are too smart for my shirt. It's true that translated from Greek to English letters it would spell "psrd" but if I translated directly from English into Greek letters it would look like this:
Or this:Luckily, the people buying shirts on Threadless are not as smart as you (I hope). Though I have been trying to turn that into "Nerd" I'm having only moderate success.

I'm hoping this will teach nerds to step outside the box, and show them that not everything has to be literal.

Okay... that wasn't my goal at all, but I had to think of something!

Would the lack of proper translation really bother you into not buying it? 'Cause if it does you, it will others.

*sigh* Well, I've already submitted the design. The peeps on threadless said it was good. But what do they know?

Here's what my final submission looked like:

Now I'm nervous. Way to go. ...Stupid geniuses.


~Enna Isilee


  1. Okay, now that I know what it actually says, I see "nerd" more easily.

  2. That's good. But I didn't change anything. ;)

  3. I read it "nerd" the first time I saw it. And I thought it was cool.

  4. I'm not mad, just in case any of you got that impression. But I am nervous. :)

  5. Well, duh it says nerd. It's a joke on all nerds, and those who didn't get it the first time are the nerdiest. Haha, ;) Q.

    Brilliant design!

  6. The other letters don't give me the same trouble...just that sweet little pi. Anyways, power to you!

  7. Good luck with your design! I think it's really cool.


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