My first shirt is up for scoring!

w00t! Threadless accepted one of my designs (the others are still "acceptance pending," which means they should be up for vote soon). This DOES NOT mean that I've gotten the money. In order to do that, people have to vote for it.

Please vote (if you want to). You do have to create an account to vote, so I recognize that some of you won't want to.

Here's the info:

Insubstantial Smoke Rose - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

Join, and then (if you would) first click "I'd buy this as a tee" and then mark "5." Of course, this is only if you really would buy it and think it deserves a five. Or... you just love me. :)

Thanks, y'all. Sorry for bein' a mooch!


  1. Which design did they pick?

  2. Well, so far they've only accepted smoke rose, but the others still could be picked.

  3. Congrats (we dont mind your "being a mooch" do we?) will do ^_^

  4. So sorry I missed the voting. I really love your designs!


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