I Hate April Fools


Oh, because I am THE most gullible person in the world.

Don't believe me? Some examples:

Fell for this joke.

And this one.

And those're just the ones I fell for ONLINE. Real life is worse. I don't like being laughed at unless it's on my terms.

EDIT: Wow. I just went out with some friends, we did a "speed dating" with some of the new people in our neighborhood. One of them brought powdered donut balls. But the thing is, half of them were made out of raw dough made of tartar sauce, flour, salt and other yucky stuff and were coated in flour! I put one in my mouth and honestly thought the bakery hadn't cooked them all the way!

One time in junior high, I was in choir and my teacher said: "Our concert is on March 31st, and my birthday is the day after that."

I, being the genius freshman that I was shouted in front of the entire honor choir: "You're birthday is on March 32nd?!"

Yeah. I was serious. Had I been in the right frame of mind I would have said "April fools!" and made a good joke, but no.

*sigh* I used to dominate April fools. I have teachers that still remember the pranks I pulled on them. Like my 8th grade science teacher. I saw her for the first time in YEARS last fall and the first thing she said to me was "April Fools!" because I pulled an awesome prank on her.

I lost my mojo somewhere along the way.

*sigh* I hate April fools.

~Enna Isilee


  1. Don't worry. You're not the only one who's wondered if gullible is really written in the dictionary. ;)

  2. I still can't quite believe I got you that good. And that I managed to keep you going (how sadistic of me).

  3. Remember how last year I tricked you guys on LRRH into thinking I was engaged?

    And then I really got engaged to the same guy a few months later?

    Good times.

  4. ^ Yeah, I remember.

    Shannon got me too, Ennalee. I felt like a mom whose kid was being bad and I couldn't do anything to stop it. Blah.

  5. Don't worry, I fell for a lot of tricks too.

  6. i'm horibly gullible as well. I even trust my YOUGNER BROTHER (who btw, has a field day with my gullability) You are NOT alone!

  7. I fell for the Shannon Hale one too. Both of our pictures must show up in the Gullible section on the dictionary.


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