Who are you? Seriously? Why are you here?

Yesterday, someone made a comment: "You know your readers." (waves at LR).

But... I don't know you. Often, I feel like I'm writing to myself. I mean, I know my family is out there, and occasionally they stop by ye-old-squeak, but the rest of you... why do you read my blog? Is it my amazing wit? The book reviews? The non book reviews?

Honestly. I want to get a feel for my audience. What makes you want to read a blog?

P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NERD GODDESS/CELES/MRS. TG :) Send her birthday wishes here.


  1. Okay, firstly, Wake came today. Thanks! And your note made me laugh, what with Madison/Anilee/Anidori-Isilee. (And don't worry; I'm a slacker too. And when it comes to getting to the post office, I slack off way more. I hate going to the post office. The people can be so unpleasant.) And your closing of "Squeak on"? I think I may have to start saying that.

    Moving on.

    I read "Squeaky Books"...I started out reading it because I used to read all LRRH-ers' and fellow internet acquaintances' blogs. I stuck with reading "Squeaky Books" because...

    Honestly, I'm not one for reading a lot of book reviews. Most are somewhat boring, but I think that you do a wonderful job at putting your personality into your posts, and that keeps me reading because your blog doesn't have a voice that just fades into every other blog. Your book reviews and non-book review posts reflect your quirky personality.

    As for what makes me read a blog in general...

    It depends. I read some industry blogs (like agents') to learn more about the publishing business and because some of the stuff they post can be funny when they talk about things you shouldn't do. I subscribe to many book review blogs to learn about new books, even though I don't read very many of them word-for-word. I read friends' blogs because they're my friends. I read some because they're interesting and funny.

  2. I read your blog because I know you, I've met you, and I like your personality. You also keep your blog posts short for the most part, which encourages me to keep reading.

  3. Okay, so I don't know you from Adam (or would that be Eve?), but Google Reader recommended your blog and I liked what I saw, so I follow you via my trusty reader.

    What do I like about your blog? The book reviews, of course. The fact that you are a Shannon Hale fan. And because you are a talented, witty writer, and I like reading good writing.


  4. *waves* I know you!

    You are so smart and you have excellent taste in books. And you're really nice/fun. That's why I read you.

  5. A book review per day. I troll blogs for books I haven't read, or books I have read that I'm not sure about. The more reviews, the better, in my opinion. I tend to ignore most of the other stuff.

  6. I read for your book reviews, because I'm always looking for something new to read! I was just thinking that I need to start reviewing again....

  7. Okay. The vibe I'm getting is "Book reviews are good."

    More book reviews it is!

  8. I like your blog because:

    1. A lot of book blogs just constantly post reviews on books that I haven't heard of, and that gets annoying because I don't really understand the post. Your blog isn't like that.

    2. You post about interesting things in general. Your blog isn't just on one topic, it discusses several things and also sometimes gives readers an idea of who you actually are and what your life is like.

    Hope this helps!

  9. You's my friend, need I say more? Okay, I will.

    I like to see whats up with you. I also know that I can trust you with an opinion of a book, because you have the same values as me.

  10. Well, I read it for the book reveiws mostly, but your sense of humor is a lot like my own so thats another good reason.

  11. i read it because of good book reviews, and it gives me ideas of books to read. it's interesting.

  12. Haha, funny you say this because I just gave you an award on my blog.

  13. I like knowing what's going on inside your head, not just in your life. :)

    Also, when you ask a typical teen about a book,you can't get much more than "it's good" or "didn't like it." You tell the WHYs without giving away the WHATs and you do it while making me LAUGH.

  14. I read blogs mostly for the same reasons as everyone else. There are a lot of blogs I will read, but few I read with regularity. That's mostly due to time.

    I like your blog because, yeah of the book reviews, but I would also say you're one of those intelligent bloggers that doesn't just post randomness, and actually plans her posts out. And that's nice :)


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