Restless Search Syndrome

Grr. I don't like to post so soon after I've posted. I like to let people soak in the post before I bring on a new one. I usually like to wait at least two days, but this is something that cannot wait! Alas and alack! I have the dreaded condition:

Restless Search Syndrome!

How do you get Restless Search Syndrome? Quite simply. You immerse yourself in a novel for, oh... at least an hour, and then you finish that novel. It was gripping. Made you feel all sorts of emotion. Every fiber of your being was held tight, wanting, no, NEEDING to know how that story would end.

And then... it does. It's a satisfying ending. You cry a little more. Send a little prayer of thanks for such a talented author. And then... nothing.

Suddenly, this part of you that you filled with this book is... gone. The ghost of it lingers for a while, though, making it impossible to jump right in to another novel. And, as you are sitting at your computer, writing a pretty pointless blog post, you realize:

You have Restless Search Syndrome!

This is where you turn on the TV and flip channels. You peruse aforementioned t-shirt website, even though you already did that today. You get onto online forums (such as LRRH or Shanfans) but no one is there. GAH! You search and search, but nothing fills the void like that novel did. Why oh why can't you erase your memory so you can read it again(for as you know, there's nothing like reading a book for the first time)? Finally, you decide to tell people about how you have Restless Search Syndrome.

How do you get Restless Search Syndrome? Quite simply. You immerse yourself in a novel for, oh... at least an hour...



  1. Still restless searching. I keep opening the book again, and everytime I do I feel a tug on my soul, but I cannot read it again. My nerves will fray into a thousand tiny peices.

    So, I am still wandering the internet. If you see someone in ghostly white, it's me.

  2. If you see someone in ghostly white, it's probably me in my pajamas, trying to find the bathroom in the middle of the night. We need to find you a new book!

  3. I suggest A Long Way From Chicago and A Year Down Yonder by Richard Peck for cleansing the readers' pallet.

    Oh, have you read Maisie Dobbs by Jacqueline Winspear?

  4. You are so hilarious! I read your blog and can imagine you sitting right next to me. Ok I have a favor, our YW is starting a book group. I know that you have some good suggestions, so on Sunday I want to pick your brain. They love twilight (of course), Lightning Thief, Hunger Games, and I am drawing a blank. But I know you can help me out! (remember I am your favorite)

  5. OOh! I have so many ideas for you, Shauna. I want to be in your book group!

    Laura, I've read both the Peck books, but I haven't read [i]Maisie Dobbs[/i], though I've heard a lot about them.

  6. I finished the book i was reading last night and know what you mean. I've got some library books to read, but they seem boring right now.

  7. ha i can totally relate. i've suffered that for years. but luckily, in a couple years, you can reread the book and you'll barely remember it.


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