Who are you? Seriously? Why are you here?

Yesterday, someone made a comment: "You know your readers." (waves at LR).

But... I don't know you. Often, I feel like I'm writing to myself. I mean, I know my family is out there, and occasionally they stop by ye-old-squeak, but the rest of you... why do you read my blog? Is it my amazing wit? The book reviews? The non book reviews?

Honestly. I want to get a feel for my audience. What makes you want to read a blog?

P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NERD GODDESS/CELES/MRS. TG :) Send her birthday wishes here.

Ads-- are they worth it?

I've been contemplating sticking an ad at the bottom of my blog, but I dunno if that's tacky. I mean, I probably wouldn't earn very much from doing it, but something is more than nothing, right?

What do you guys think? Is it worth it to put up an ad, or is that lame?

Don't be afraid to give your full and honest opinion.

Restless Search Syndrome

Grr. I don't like to post so soon after I've posted. I like to let people soak in the post before I bring on a new one. I usually like to wait at least two days, but this is something that cannot wait! Alas and alack! I have the dreaded condition:

Restless Search Syndrome!

How do you get Restless Search Syndrome? Quite simply. You immerse yourself in a novel for, oh... at least an hour, and then you finish that novel. It was gripping. Made you feel all sorts of emotion. Every fiber of your being was held tight, wanting, no, NEEDING to know how that story would end.

And then... it does. It's a satisfying ending. You cry a little more. Send a little prayer of thanks for such a talented author. And then... nothing.

Suddenly, this part of you that you filled with this book is... gone. The ghost of it lingers for a while, though, making it impossible to jump right in to another novel. And, as you are sitting at your computer, writing a pretty pointless blog post, you realize:

You have Restless Search Syndrome!

This is where you turn on the TV and flip channels. You peruse aforementioned t-shirt website, even though you already did that today. You get onto online forums (such as LRRH or Shanfans) but no one is there. GAH! You search and search, but nothing fills the void like that novel did. Why oh why can't you erase your memory so you can read it again(for as you know, there's nothing like reading a book for the first time)? Finally, you decide to tell people about how you have Restless Search Syndrome.

How do you get Restless Search Syndrome? Quite simply. You immerse yourself in a novel for, oh... at least an hour...



I have a new obsession. Unfortunately it's one that costs money. *sigh* c'est la vie. However, I am exerting as much restraint as I possibly can.

What's my new obsession?


This t-shirt site is amazing! I love their shirts.

Actually.... I love some of their shirts. I'm very picky about graphic tees. I don't like them to have anything offensive to anyone on them (so I generally steer away from t-shirts with words) and they have to mean something to me.

Here are the three that I bought:

This shirt is so fun and mathy. It's called "stat city." Unfortunately, I had to return it due to getting the wrong size, and it's now out of stock. *sigh*

This one is called "Tools of the Trade" and it's my writer's shirt. It was only $5. $5!!!

This one is probably my favorite. Unfortunately, it's also the most expensive. But aren't those cows just the cutest you've ever seen? And it's so fun. And I look smokin' hot in green. Heh. It's called "fail" and it's now sold out. I'm glad I got my hands on it.

There you have it, my new obsession. Thank you Gretchen and Nerd Goddess for telling me about this site.
P.S. Contest winners, still be sure to let me know when your books arrive!

Woo hoo! Ships ahoy!

The books have been shipped, and I've gotten one arrival confirmation. Those of you who won books in my contest (back in SEPTEMBER!) should be getting your books anytime now. There's a little note from me inside as well. :)

Let me know when ya get 'em!

~Enna Isilee

Meme Mood

I'm in a meme mood, but I haven't been tagged in forever! (or, at least I haven't noticed that I've been tagged)

Anyone know any good ones out there?

My Kiss Analogy

Wow. I've cast my show. Last night I couldn't even sleep because I was enacting scenes in my head and laughing out loud, and we haven't even had our first rehearsal! Posting the list was scary. There was a HUGE crowd waiting to see the list. I had someone else post it and I ran to my car. I'm SO excited for this play.

I made an analogy. Some of you who have been readers for a year know that I also directed a play around this time last year, you also know that I wasn't expecting to get to direct that play. I wasn't even expecting to be in it. Talk about a surprise! Then there's this one, which I've been planning for nearly a year. Here's my analogy.

You've never been kissed before, you've never really thought about your first kiss, you just figure it will happen. Then, one day, some COMPLETE stranger runs up to you, kisses you, and runs away. WHAT?! That wasn't supposed to happen! But it's your first kiss, so it's still special.
Then, you meet the guy/girl of your dreams. You get engaged, make all the plans, have the perfect wedding, and share your first perfect kiss.

That's my analogy. Last year's play was the complete stranger, and this play is... my husband? Hm... that's odd. I'm not getting married, by the way. Except to theatre. I got married to theatre a long time ago.

Happily yours!
~Enna Isilee

On with the show!

Well, Diviners is over, but my theatre career is far from over. All this next week, I'll be holding auditions for the show I'm directing this week. So, once again, I will be a bit absent.

Busy, busy, busy!

~Enna Isilee

"The Play's The Thing!"

My play opens this week, if you want specific dates and times shoot me an e-mail. I'm super excited! Go Diviners!
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