It's over... or is it?

Well, I'm back from my interview. I think it went okay. My monologue was good, but I really screwed up a lot of my interview questions, but I acknowledged my screwy-up ness and made the judges laugh a lot.

So... I just keep calling this a "Prestigious Acting Scholarship" and that makes me sound really snooty, so let me explain:

Round 1: Any student in Utah can apply to be chosen for this scholarship.
-------Only 52 are then chosen
Round 2: The 52 chosen are interviewed by judges and required to perform a 2-3 minute monologue (this is what I did today.)
-------Those 52 are whittled down to 15
Round 3: Those 15 are interviewed again on March 4th.
-------1 One is chosen.
Round 4: You are awarded scholarship.

The results of the top 15 will be posted tonight at midnight, but I probably won't check until I wake up in the morning, or I'll never be able to go to sleep. And I'm a student, I need sleep. I'll probably have to take some melatonin just to get myself to fall asleep at all. Eeps!

~Enna Isilee

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