Fair is foul and foul is fair!

I'm currently reading Shakespeare's MacBeth which means I probably won't have any bookish posts until we're done reading it (it's for my literature class). I'm attempting to read another book at the same time as MacBeth, but that usually just confuses me. Like when I'm standing inbetween two conversations and I accidentally mix both of them together into a conversation that makes no sense.

Anyway. I'm gonna try and read while MacBeth-ing, wish me luck!

~Enna Isilee

Oh. Do we like rating systems? I thinking giving "squeaks" sounds kinda cute.


  1. I love "squeaks" as a rating system--very "brandable," and you know how I feel about equity marketing... don't you? I'd do one squeak, two squeaks, and maybe even three squeaks for a nearly-perfect book! Can't wait to see you again... like tomorrow!!

  2. I LOVE the idea of "squeaks" to rate books. As a former teacher, I'm not much in favor of a three squeak system (sorry, Vocabdiva). It kind of makes the book a boom or a bust.
    3 squeaks = 100% or an A
    2 squeaks = 66% or a D
    1 squeak = 33% or an F
    Five squeaks is a much better scale. That's my professional opinion, for what it's worth!!

  3. Love the squeak rating idea. (I'm with G on a 5 squeak system. Three is too short.)

    Good luck with Macbeth. I didn't particularly like that one either time I had to read it in college. The witches were just too creepy.

  4. Bwahahaha. Sorry Vocabdiva, it looks like you've been shot down. :)

    I probably won't do three squeaks, and I probably won't do 5. I'm always so very picky about book ratings that I'll probably do ten, meaning I'll have 2.5 squeaks, and 4.5 squeaks. Though that bothers me, because how can you have half a squeak? Did I strangle the rubber duck before it could fully get out it's last squeak?

  5. I have to read Richard II and King Henry IV... Macbeth was on of my favorites.

  6. I think squeaks are cool. If you don't want half a squeak, then you can do a scale of one squeak to twenty squeaks. :)

    Love your blog, by the way.

  7. I like using half stars or squeaks or whatever for rewards or punishments.

    Like if a book is mostly four stars, but it's got this flaw that really bugged me, I'll give it 3.5 because it wasn't a three-star read, but something was too wrong for the fourth star.

    Or if a book is a three-star read, but it did something really well or it surprised me, I'll give it half a star for that.

    For some reason, half stars always seemed preferable to rating out of 10 or something. Even though I always seem to depend upon half stars.

    And you can have half a squeak, I think. Why not?


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