Palm, meet forehead

Gah! I'm such a loser! I was just cleaning out my books today, and I found all the books I meant to ship out months ago for my contest! Gah! Well, I'll be shipping them this week, promise. Unfortunately, I've lost all information on my winners! Here's the people I have:

Taiger—The book Thief

Q—Go Figure


Holly—Secrets of My suburban Life

Summermoon—Derby Girl

Gretchen-- Chill

Alysa—River Secrets

I only have addresses for Taiger, Alysa, and Q. I would ask that the other four send me your addresses. If I don't hear from you by Wednesday, I'll contact you myself.

I'm sorry I'm such a loser, guys. My subconcious totally forgot about this.

If you won, and you aren't on my list, let me know.

~Enna Isilee


  1. I have been curious, but I didn't want to bug you about it.

  2. Not a problem, Ennalee. I sent the email a few minutes ago. :-)

  3. Ennalee, if I got mad at you, I'd be a total hypocrite. No worries. :)

  4. I'm afraid those of you who won jewelry will have to wait a bit longer as well. I'll probably ship those out to you separately, if you're willing to let Ennalee send me your addresses as well. :)

  5. i think i got jewelry (charm bracelet?), and ennalee you can give her my address. yay! it's like winning all over again!

  6. That's quite all right. :) Email coming right up!


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