English Equestrians

For those of you who aren't familiar with the word Equestrian it means, simply: a person affiliated with horses.

Today I had the opportunity to go visit an English ranch. What is an English ranch? Well, you've seen rodeos, right? Where they wear cowboy hats and boots? Well, an English rider is quite different. They are the riders that wear top hats and suits when they ride. Their riding is a bit more... dignified and classy (though some western riders may call it stuffy).

I got to ride for a while and it was SO FUN. I was a little nervous at first, but my "instructor" told me that I had a good seat, and was actually pretty relaxed for my first ride. As the time went on, I found myself getting more and more relaxed, and actually trotted a bit (though it jangled my brains).

So, in conclusion: most little girls wish for a pony for their birthdays, but here I am (no longer a little girl) and I'm dying for a horse. This was just a tour, but the lady who showed me around gives lessons that are really cheap. I'm toying with the idea.

Hm... to ride, or not to ride, that is the question...

~Enna Isilee



    Oh, goodness, how I would love to be in your situation right now! I can definitely whole-heartedly say that you should ride. I took riding lessons for a year when I was younger but it was simply too expensive. But I loved almost every aspect of it...the only two downsides were cleaning the hooves after riding (the horse I'd ride would always poop and step in it. NOT FUN to chisel all that out of his hoof with a pick!) and wearing all the gear -- jeans, boots, helmet, etc -- in the middle of summer.
    But it was TOTALLY worth it!

    And by the way, once you learn how to post, the brain-jangling significantly decreases and all you notice is how exhilarating it is!!

  2. Do it. You may not be able to later. Ride now. Do it. :)

  3. Do it! I love horseback riding. My grandmother has a Morgan/Welsh so it's a smaller horse, but I love riding though I do more western-style or bareback.
    Don't worry, after your second time of trotting it won't mess up your brain. It was a little disconcerting the first time I did it and it was fun the second or third time.
    I guess I'm weird, MismatchedSockGirl, I kind of enjoy cleaning out the hooves. Front hooves, that is. ;)

  4. RIDE! You're crazy not to ride. I got to ride for a brief time, but it is simply too expensive.

  5. Heh. Well, there are some other factors figuring into whether or not I can ride. I have a job, I'm in a play, I have school, and money. So I'm not just being coy. I WANT TO RIDE so badly, but I dunno if now is the right time.

  6. Cleaning hooves?

    Not so bad.

    Cleaning fresh, smelly, slimy (insert other relevant adjectives here) horse poop out of hooves on a 95 degree day when smells are particularly potent?

    So bad.

  7. Definitely ride, if you're able to have the time and money for it.

    Horses have always been my passion, but I live where I can't have any, and lessons are expensive around here. I was always a horse crazy little kid. I still am, though nobody realizes it.

  8. I used to take English lessons from the bishop's wife of my old ward (basically a preacher's wife, for those who don't know what I'm talking about)
    I use to clean out the stalls in exchange for the lessons. :)

    I hope you get a chance to do some riding when you aren't too busy. There's also a special way to move during a trot you can learn that will help your brain not get so muddled. ;)


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