T minus 17 hours and counting

Gulp. I audition tomorrow at 3. I just finished my pre-audition ritual*. I'm auditioning at the same time as one of my best friends (who is going to help me with the play I'm directing this spring, and was in You Can't Take it With You with me), we plan on giving each other moral support.

I memorized my monologue in about 20 minutes, I'm a really fast memorizer, and I hope it shows enough depth of character. Eeps! I dunno what I'll do with my life if I don't make this play! Work... I guess... earn money for next fall's tuition... but that's no fun!

Wish me Bonne Chance!
~Enna Isilee

*my pre-audition ritual consists of taking a very long bath (sometimes with bubbles) in which I shave every part of me that is meant to be shaved (legs, pits, and even my feet [I have hobbit feet], I know TMI), then I lotion myself, blow-dry my long (it's never been this long) hair to shiny-sleekness, lay out my nice clothes, read a book for a few minutes, and then take some melatonin (a sleep aid). *sigh*

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  1. The very best of luck to you!
    (Your pre-audition ritual is priceless!)


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