The Book was Better Than the Trailer

What exactly is the purpose of a book trailer? I suppose it's the same as the purpose for a movie trailer: a teaser into what the feature is about. It's a strange concept though, because a book isn't in a visual medium like a movie is. Trailers work well for movies because they're like mini-movies, giving you a taste of what will be in the full length movie, but a book trailer (unless the author/publisher has a tens of thousands for a trailer budget) is normally just still images, moving text, and mood music. It really doesn't have much to do with the experience of the book.

Book trailers seem to be one of those things that are done to simply help market a book on the internet. Now if we could only get people to watch these commercials! Okay, they're not that bad, but visual image with mood music and fleeting lines of teasers is not how I decide to read a book. I like to pick up and hold a book in my hands, examine the cover, read the synopsis on the back, and maybe the first page, even check out who wrote the endorsements.

So why make one?

Well, we live in a techno-savvy, YouTube-watching, web 2.0 visual world. We're all much more visual now. I even incorporate YouTube into my college-level Composition II class! Having a book trailer is just another way for a book to be seen.

Okay. So. Ready for another why-am-I-watching-this book trailer? Actually, ours is pretty good (if we do say so ourselves). Here it is:

Leave us your comments on this blog for a chance to win a limited-edition print of Christine's Green Man II painting AND leave comments on the YouTube Channel TheTuberRose (and follow the other steps) for a chance to win a digital camcorder! Then you can make your own live action book trailer!

Book trailers do have a place in today's book promotion process, but a way should be found to make them more interesting. If they are funny, interesting, and or enticing, than they will be worth watching for their own sake and, in consequence, become a much more effective marketing tool, something that anyone who sees it will want to share with their friends.. (until then, we just have to bribe you with prizes!)

Speaking of prizes! We're giving away more prizes worth over $500 and some signed books on our blog. All contests end at the end of our Geekalicious Yuletide Book Blog Tour: 9pm CST, December 16th.

Christine and Ethan Rose are the authors of the new YA fantasy novel Rowan of the Wood, available wherever books are sold. They live in Austin, TX with their three dogs and Shadow the Cat. *


  1. Book trailers are great--but I've seen some good ones (there is one on The Book Thief that is my favorite) and some bad ones. However, it's nice to think of the book like a movie, and have that sort of excitement.

  2. Thanks for hosting us today, Inna. I'm available all day today and tomorrow to answer questions and respond to posts.

    hwalk: I agree. I like some book trailers because it gives you a sense of the book and can help get you excited about reading it.

  3. I love book trailers they really bring life to the book!


  4. What is the targeted age group for this book? Paperback only?

  5. Yes. The publisher wanted to go striaght to paperback.

    The targeted age group is around 10/11, although we've had someone as young as 8 read it and love it (and as old as 75, too).

    Please check out the rest of our tour and sign our virtual guestbook on our blog:


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