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Squeaky Books is excited to host Christine and Ethan Rose, authors of the new, award-winning YA fantasy novel Rowan of the Wood during their Geekalicious Yuletide Blog Book Tour! The authors are kicking off their holiday blog tour HERE on Tuesday, December 2nd as guest bloggers. Their post: The Book was Better than the Trailer.

Christine and Ethan will be blogging about book trailers, and you'll get to see theirs on here. They're hosting a contest on YouTube and giving away a digital camcorder just for following four simple steps. Check it out!

Rowan of the Wood
The story of Rowan and Fiana and a young boy named Cullen

An ancient wizard possesses a young boy after a millennium of imprisonment in a magic wand. He emerges from the child in the face of danger and discovers Fiana, his new bride from the past, has somehow survived time and become something evil.

Come back and visit on Tuesday, read their blog, and post comments. The authors will be available all day Tuesday and Wednesday to answer your questions. Every comment on this blog is an entry to win a signed, limited edition print of Christine's Green Man II painting. The authors are also giving away autographed books and over $600 in other prizes through their website.

Okay, so none of that was my actual words, but I agree with it. I am excited to host the Roses (that sounds cool)! Their book sounds right up my alley. You'll hear more from them on Tuesday, and more from me after I read the book.

~Enna Isilee

I'm Thankful for Crazy Twilight Fans

Yep. For one day in my entire life I was actually thankful for those crazy Twilighters.

I saw Twilight on opening day and it was a BLAST! The movie was corny, the soundtrack really got on my nerves, and some of the lines had me laughing out loud (psst. They weren't the ones that were supposed to make you laugh). And yet I had a really great time! Those twiterpated teenagers screaming their heads off every time He came on screen. Ha! It was really funny.

Okay, aside from my sarcastic-ness, I do have some valid comments:

I thought the actors did a good job for the lines they were given, I really did.

I absolutely adored Jasper. I thought he was so FUNNY! ('He's the one who looks like he's in pain.' 'Don't worry, Jasper. You won't hurt her') Ha!

I thought Rosalie was really mis-cast. I don't mean to sound rude, not at all, but she wasn't skinny or pretty enough to play Rosalie (that's not an insult to the actress, it's just that Rosalie is supposed to be inhumanly gorgeous, so how could they find a human that could play her?)

Soundtrack really did get on my nerves. A soundtrack is supposed to really bring you into the movie, I thought this one took away from it.

Whenever they did one of those Carlisle flashbacks I thought it was really scary, and not the way they were meaning to make it.

Hm... those are the only things that come to my mind. I could easily think of more positive and more negative comments, but I'm going to stop there. I waited this long hoping that the rest of y'all might have seen it by now.

*PLEASE* No bashing. This is my personal blog where I am allowed to state my own personal opinions. I'm sorry if you disagree.

~Enna Isilee

And so the Mojo Died.

Well, I did get my mojo back. I read three books in four days. :)

And then it died.

I have to read Wuthering Heights for my Literature class and, while I'm really enjoying the story, it's taking me a really long time to get through.


I've been meaning to write a post about my thoughts on the Twilight movie, but I'm kind of scared. I don't want people to attack me again, even thought my thoughts aren't that bad.

*again, sigh*

Well. I think I'm gonna go read more WH so I can get that mojo back, again.

~Enna Isilee

Want to Make Your Own Book? Act FAST!

Get your free book!

Click on that link and you'll get to make your own free book. Unfortunately, you have to sign up within the next few hours and then the offer is void. It really is free, no gimicks. My mom's already made one. Y'all can thank Oprah. I don't have time to tell ya the details, because I've got to get the word out ASAP!

This is a reall, hardback, nicely bound book. It'd make a great Christmas gift.

I found one that's butterfly themed and I'm going to fill it with some of my stories. SQUEE! I'm so excited!

Sorry I didn't mention this sooner, I just found out!

~Enna Isilee

**Cybele's Secret-- Juliet Marillier

Summary found here

"I absolutely adored this book. Ah! I loved it! I didn’t at first, because it took me almost two weeks to read the first 100 pages, making me find it a little boring. But oh, I was wrong. "

I wrote that over six months ago when I read the prequel to this book, Wildwood Dancing, and I am absolutely thrilled to say that it still stands true for this book.

Yes, it did take me two weeks to get through the first 100 pages. They weren't boring, but I was so busy that I guess I was just slow. Plus, I couldn't see where the story was going, not in a "I'm so confused. What the heck is going on?" way, but in a "Huh. This story is really keeping me wondering and focused. What will happen next?" Then the story picked up and I was into a world of magic, mysteries, murder, and love.

*sigh* Man can Marillier write love stories or what? I honestly couldn't tell you which of her stories pulled on my heartstrings more, but I really want to find a Costi or Stoyan of my own, I can tell you.

There isn't much about the previous story that carries through to this book, but Marillier's magical writing story certainly does.

Pure genius and joy.

~Enna Isilee

Why I Love Hot Cocoa, and a New Poll

I love hot cocoa. First off, the word cocoa, doesn't it look cool? It looks like something a wild bird should say, "Co-Coa! Co-Coa!" Plus it has this rich, creamy, awesome taste (when prepared correctly) that makes me melt into a world of pure comfort. Some people are addicted to coffee, but since I don't believe in drinking coffee, cocoa has become my ever present friend. It's my second favorite thing about winter (right after being able to snuggle in my bed), although I drink it even in the summer (ask my family, it's true). It's a wonderful companion to books (if you're careful not to spill), which is what I'm going to use to segway into my next topic:

I am determined to start reading again. Gah! I've only read about 3 books in the last two months, and one of them was required! I just finished Cybele's Secret (Loved it! Review forthcoming), and I'm going to start Everlost. But what should I read after that? I can't decide, so I'm going to let you decide. Please vote for one of the following options in my poll:

Pilage, by Obert Skye
Poison Study, by Someone-who's-name-I-can't-remember, I think it's "Something" Snyder
Or "Other." Suggest a book you think I'll like. I need to get a list going!

Woohoo! I'm bringing back the mojo!

~Enna Isilee
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