Order! Order! I will have order!

Heh. I really think this blog post title is clever because it has a double meaning.
Meaning #1:
About 7 months ago I posted this:

Gasp! Enna Isilee! What kind of book lover are you?! To let your books fall into such disarray is shameful!
I know, I know. Which is why a month later I posted this:
Tum ta tum! Much better. I also posted a picture of the sad little I mean... cute and cozy bookshelf that I own:
This picture actually makes it look bigger than it truly is.

But now, over six months after that, I am now proud to present to you for your veiwing pleasure and enjoyment...

*Twentieth Century Fox Theme* My New BOOKSHELVES!

Aren't they gorgeous?! I got them at IKEA for only $101.44! I'm so excited. You can tell by how I'm breathing in the video. Plus, you can see that I gave Shannon her own section (even though that means her books aren't exactly in alphebetcial order).

I'm a bit nervous though, because they're already almost full!

Meaning #2

I recently ordered (and will soon order more) books! Coming soon in the Enna Isilee reading list is:

Everlost by Neal Schusterman

Cybele's Secret by Juliette Marillier

Inkdeath by Cornelia Funke

What's Math Got To Do With It? A surprisingly facinating non-fiction book by Jo Boaler

WOO HOO! I'm excited! I'm having a hard time deciding if I should read Everlost or Cybele's Secret first. I think I'll read Cybele's Secret.

~Enna Isilee


  1. I just have to know...how do you reach the top shelf??!! :-)

    Awesome bookshelf! Makes me jealous. My books are currently in piles on the floor. :-)

  2. Em, My bed is right by the shelves, so I stand on it to get to the top.

    Q, I DO have a lot of books! I'm going to take a new inventory of them today and see how many their actually are.

  3. Woah! Major "They're There Their" misuse!

  4. I so love your bookshelves. Mine is much too small.

    Yeah grammatical mistakes! I actually like seeing them. It reminds us we are all pleasantly human.

  5. Hooray for you! You know I love books and when I buy more, I just have to buy more bookshelves! You'll have to fight with your aunt to see who will inherit mine! Maybe the person with the most bookshelves?

  6. I think I could take her down, G. After all, I am Orange Crush.


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