On Naming [Part II], and the last leg of Week 1

I'm really excited for the contest today. It's all about me! I want to see how many people know the answers to those questions. Run on over to Q's blog (www.thecurlyq.blogspot.com) and enter.

I thought I'd list some of my favorite boy names now:


Oh... I can only think of one name. Hm...

You see, I like the name Tegus (my favorite male hero in Shannon's books) but I would never name a kid that. It's not quite so versatile as Enna.

Do you guys have favorite boy names? Maybe it'll spark my brain.


  1. Peter, Atticus, Fred, George, Willard, Edmund. And that's mostly off the top of my head.

  2. Jeremy, Isaac, Henry, Lucas, etc.

  3. I love thinking up names. But boy's names I think?

    Rhys (it's pronounced Reese, but I love this spelling more...)

    James (I just love it!)


  4. Andrew, Asher, Calvin, Isaiah, Jacob, Rush, Shaun, Scott, Taylor, Tyler, James, Jonathan/John, Mark.

  5. I've considered Wesley as a boy's name, but I don't think up as many boy's name as I do girl's names. I guess I like to make pretty names more then masculine ones. I would consider Darcy, but the poor kid would most likely get beat up.

  6. Dylan is my fave boy name, I haven't thought that much about it. I also like Ryan. Honestly I like boys names with y's in it. Not at the end but in it.


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