The First Curse: On Naming Children

I was thinking, a name is really the first curse your parents put on you, or blessing. Your future is completely in their hands. Will they name you a name that is statistically successful? Or one of those names that everyone has (i.e. Brittany, Ashley, Jessica). I like my name. It makes me happy.

The reason why I was thinking this is because I was thinking of names that I could name my future children. I think about this a lot, because I like names. Here are some of my favorites(They’re all girl names, maybe I’ll post my favorite boy names later):

Lindsey (with an “e.” “a” is okay, but I like “e” better)
Kimberly (or Kim)
Aly (Just Aly, not Alyssa/Alysa/Allysa/however you spell it, though I like those names too)
Kari (Pronounced Car E [like the vehicle and the letter])

But the name I like best (and fully intend to name my daughter) is Enna. SHOCKER! I wouldn’t necessarily be naming her after the character (after all, if you name someone Ashley are you naming her after every Ashley? No.), I just love the name. Having the name shared with a kick-butt novel heroine is just a bonus.

Then I started thinking about middle names. I like simple middle names. Like Jane, or Lynn, or Lee and so on. So I started paring names together.

Enna Jane (No, just doesn’t sound right)
Enna Lynn (I like that one better)
Enna Lee (Hey… wait a minute)

I totally didn’t think about that at first. How cool would it be if I had a daughter named Enna Lee? My pseudo-nickname is Ennalee!

I just thought that was cool, and wanted to share it.

Of course, with my luck I’ll probably marry a guy who’s last name was something like Tennabee. I don’t know if that’s really a last name, but Enna Lee Tennabee would not work. Not at all.

I should marry someone named Smith. That’s a safe name.

~Enna Isilee


  1. I like names as well! I think and make up different ways to spell names I like. I guess people who have unique name are sometimes apt to like unique names. My name is some what unique, not very many people have my name. But anyways, I've thought about use names in books as well. I'm using a name that I like for a story and I would like to use it if I actually get kids, I would worry that they that I named it after my character. But actually I'm not. I'll stop rambling now. :)

  2. If my husband had no say, I'd name my first three hypothetical daughters (if I had that many) Charlotte, Margaret, and Alice. I like old names.

  3. You know, there's a chapter in Freakonomics about naming your children, and it seems that names really can spell success... that said, ever since I was in high school, I've loved the name Fritz. Everyone tells me they hope I have daughters... I also like Guy (which, in French, is pronounced Gee with a hard g, like the g in gutteral). My sister's having a baby girl (I'm going to be an aunt!) in a few weeks; they've picked the name Ella. I like that, too.

  4. Mmhm. I've read Freakonomics, and I have a statistically sucessful name. w00t!

  5. You made me laugh out loud with this.

  6. I love old names. Margaret, Emmaline, Kiyalee, and Alabeth(made up) are my favorite names, but to make them more common I'd probably name my girls Meggie, Emma, Alysabeth, and Kiylee.
    I like to have weirdly spelled or pronounced middle names. I mean, they aren't stuck going by that as their first name so you have more freedom to do something weird.

  7. This is hilarious!

    I used to wonder what I'd name my kid. While I was in fifth-sixth grade, I was sure her name was Anna.

    It was sort of funny, because I named her after a character in this story I was writing. But eventually she became evil and then she got dropped from the story completely. I can't even remember exactly what she did, except that she became evil. :D

  8. By the way, the 'she' in the second paragraph is the character in the story. Not my daughter. ;)

  9. lol. You actually did make me laugh with this post :D

  10. LOL! Make sure you check up the guy's last name first before you decide to marry him! :)

  11. I'm currently single, but I'll be sure to keep it in mind. Believe you me.

  12. This makes me grateful that TG's last name is one syllable, and probably won't sound strange with much.

    We actually were talking about names today, just for fun. We both really like names from the Bible. I like them, because my parents named all their kids with Bible names. Hurrah for Hebrew!

    Also, loved the Enna Lee. ;)

  13. Enna Isilee, you are awesome. I love your blog and all the blogger comments!

    I was blessed with a classic biblical first name, and when I married I received a commonly common last name. Oh well, I wouldn't trade my husband for all the fancy names in the world. What's in a name anyway?

  14. Not Smith! Boring last names are terrible to have. You always have to assure people you're not that _ Smith.


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