Failure! Again!

Wow. I love you Charybdis, I really do, but now I'm pretty convinced that you don't like me so much. ;) Glitches happen, I understand. No need to grovel for forgiveness (but you can if you want to). So, here we go. Sorry guys:

This week in Enna Isilee’s ( big birthday contest, you must identify the novel this opening line belongs to:

“I used to be someone.”

That’s all you have to do! E-mail Enna Isilee your answer at . You get 2 entries for answering the question and 5 entries if you get it right. So you could get two entries just by e-mailing! These entries go towards the weekly prizes and the grand prize. This week’s prize winners will be announced on Monday, and the grand prize winner will be announced on Enna Isilee’s birthday, September 22nd.

Have fun!


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