Books I Didn't Like? Really?

When I mentioned Tithe, a lot of you had stuff to say. Which brings up a question:

Do you guys like it when I review/mention books I didn't like or didn't finish?

I generally avoid even posting about those types of books, but would you guys like it if I did? Of course, I wouldn't be mean, I'd just say what I thought. So for Tithe I wouldn't say:

Oh my gosh! Holly Black must be a totally bad person to write a book with so much stuff I didn't like! I hated this book.

For one, I know that's not true. Shannon talks about Holly all the time, and she seems really funny. For two, I didn't hate the book. It just wasn't my style.

Anyway. Do you guys like me mentioning those types of books?

~Enna Isilee


  1. I don't mind--personally, I don't review books unless they leave a significant impression on me, but respectfully negative reviews don't seem all that bad for other people to do.

  2. In my opinion, books you don't like speak as much about you as books you DO like. So, I think they're still worth sharing.

  3. I finally finished reading through all your posts that I missed during my hiatus - my fav was definitely the one on names. I adore the name Enna, and you're right, not just because of the book.

    Meeting you in 12 days!!!

    btw I had a dream where I met you and I ran up to you and said "Don't tell me your name! I don't want to think of you as anything but Enna Isilee!" haha. Don't worry, I'll let you tell me your name. But I'll always think of you as Enna Isilee...

  4. Erin, I've actually considered not telling you my name.

    Plus, I've thought of a lot of ways to "meet" you for the first time. Now I just have to decide which one is best...

  5. I do like to hear all sorts of reactions to books....I prefer it to having bloggers strain out the not-so-good and "meh" books.

  6. Mentioning them is fine. Just don't do a full review if you don't finish the book.

    I would be tempted to tell Erin your name even if you didn't . . .

  7. Sure - posting about books you started and didn't finish also says something about the book. I mean obviously there was something appealing about the book in the first place for you to pick it up - so why did you put it down? That's something I'd like to know as a potential reader of the book in question.

  8. I'm more of a recent reader of your my opinion, I think you should review the book even if you didn't like it. It gives readers a better idea of your likes and their likes, it's easier for them to know if they will like a book you did, if they also didn't like a book you didn't. Know what I mean?

  9. Let's see...I should recognize Gretchen and Heather. But you and Celes (and The Boy, if he's coming...)?

    I'm a little nervous, to be perfectly honest. Not scared, just one of those silly I-hope-these-people-like-me-in-real-life-and-not-just-online way. :)

  10. It's useful to have both positive and negative reviews. If everyone else adores a book and I really can't stand it, it seems like something must be wrong. If I'm just not getting a book, and other people feel the same way, it makes more sense. Again, the respectful reviews are best-- not every book if for every reader or library. I didn't care much for Tithe either!


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