a memory on snowy wings
has waited long to wake
and fly into that gilded world
beyond those big glass gates

but memory her heart was pierced
when she saw what lay beyond
not glitterings and friendships
but something far forgone

this wasn't the same yesteryear
that she had grown to love
this was something new and wrong
unfitting for this dove

this place where she had bloomed and grown
had turned to something stranges
he didn't know if she could make it
ever be the same

it wasn't long before despair
struck deep within my friend
a tear rolled down her now-grey cheek
she wished it was the end

and all i could say was continue on
and please be strong and true
try onward till the end
for what else can we few do?

perhaps your shine's not meant to last
but meant to see the truth
for at the close there is one thing we choose
and that is Youth.

~Yolie Matsutamo

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