Ready to rock ‘n roll!

All right. I’m all set to start my contest.

Do ya wanna hear something amazing? I had EXACTLY the amount of bloggers I needed that contacted me. EXACTLY. There are 5 of you I still haven’t e-mailed, and that’s because you’ll be participating in the last week, and I haven’t thought of what I’ll be doing for the last week, so stay tuned.

Here’s how this is going down:

Every Sunday (like today), I’ll be giving a recap. I’ll let you know where the “hints” are going to be every day, and I’ll announce the winners of the weekly prizes. I hope to give away at least three prizes a week, possibly more. Which means that at least three people will win a week. The prizes vary from books, to jewlery, to custom t-shirts, and more. Then there’s the grand prize, of course, which I will announce the winner of on my birthday, September 22nd. And it’s gonna be grand let me tell you. At least… if I won it I would be very happy. A part of the grand prize is a personally signed copy of a certain book by a certain author. And when I say “personally” I mean it will have the grand prize winner’s name in it. And that’s just a part of the grand prize. Money may be involved. May. ;)

This week’s “hints” are simple. All you have to do is answer whatever question is asked in the comments. Amount of entries per day will be varied, so keep a lookout. The “hints” will be located:

Monday: Squeaky Books (that’s me!)
Tuesday: Wendy's Minding Spot
Wednesday: Some Fantasy in Reality
Thursday: Charbydis
Friday: Gretch-a-sketch
Saturday: The Curly Q

And then on Sunday you come back here and I announce the winners. Got it?

Every week the entries will be wiped clean for the weekly prizes. But ALL of your entries will be counted for the grand prize.

And here’s a way to earn more entries:

If you blog about my contest tomorrow (as in, September 1st) I will give you TEN ENTRIES towards the grand prize. TEN. 10. As of right now that is the most amount of entries you can earn at once. However, those ten will not count towards this week’s prizes, just the grand prize.

Now let’s get to it! (I’m so excited!)

~Enna Isilee

Have any questions? Let me know in the comments.


  1. Drat! I missed out on emailing you! Well, if you need one more blogger for some reason, I'll be your go to gal. I can be the backup. The understudy. The alternate.

    This sounds totally awesome. :D

  2. This is really awesome! Thanks for organizing the contest! And happy early birthday! (I <3 birthdays!)

  3. Do we e-mail you if we put the blog-plug in our blogs tomorrow? (And this is awesome. I'm terribly excited, more than I probably should be). Happy birthday in 22 1/2 days!

  4. Hello! I just posted about your contest on my blog :-)

  5. Am I one of those you still haven't emailed? Because I didn't receive any email from you yet.


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