I just remembered something I wanted to ask!

Okay. So, I have a question:

Would any of my readers be interested if I had a big contest, similar to what The Book Vault is currently doing? This contest would span almost an entire month, and there would be many books/various prizes given away and many opportunties to win.



  1. Sounds fun to me!

    I know I want to put together a huge contest for my b-day month.

  2. Hopefully your birthday month isn't September.

  3. hey, everyone loves free books :)

  4. Yeah, free books are always good. :)

  5. Um, free stuff = I'm totally in. :)

    Plus, it's a good way to attract new blog readers, right? Tell everyone to post about the freebie drawings on their blogs?

  6. of course that's a great idea. contests are amazing, and true, like it's been said...brings people to the blog!!! :)


  7. Who doesn't want to win great prizes?!


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