The first real rain

This is the first real rain we've had all summer. Right now! I'm soaked to the bone and wearing a towel over my clothes.

Ah. It's great. It rained like this on my birthday last year and I knew that was Mother Nature's gift to me.

I love rain.


  1. Rain is definitely amazing! :D

  2. I. LOVE. RAIN. TOO!!!!

    OOOH, I am the kind of person who does rain dances when it's sunny and happy dances when it's rainy. I love camping in the rain, singing in the rain, running in the rain, playing sports in the rain...anything you can do dry, you can do and make a million more fun memories doing in the rain.

    And it just smells so magical. And it makes everything so vibrant and clean-looking.

    I am happiest on dull, drizzly, dark days. Yay for rain!

    (hee hee, sorry for the...erm...excessive enthusiasm; I'm just not used to meeting fellow rain-lovers!)

  3. Apparently I missed the rain. Or it just didn't get to where I lived. Or it happened after I went to bed.

    *le sigh*

    I wish it would again...


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